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  1. Wikiotics at the Constellation Commons

    This happened quite some time ago now, but with the election coverage I haven't had much time to get this out.

    Two weeks ago, Taylor and I were asked to appear at the opening of the Constellation Commons for Global Learning, to show off Wikiotics as a student project and …

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  2. Updating git

    We here at RIT are working on our own branch of Ductus, and Ductus got a big addition over the weekend, namespaces. Unfortunately, our repository didn't know anything about that and needed to be updated.

    Now, I'm not a novice to using git, nor are any of the people in …

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  3. Wikiotics

    As of Friday, I have been doing some work (along with Taylor) for a new set of people, Wikiotics. Their goal is basically to create a FLOSS alternative to some of the commercial translation software out there, particularly the ever-so-expensive Rosetta Stone. The whole thing is built on a custom …

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