Charsheet 1.0

I've been doing some work for Charsheet recently, fixing old bugs and adding new features. I figured it was about time for a 1.0, so I tagged it and released it to the wild. Many thanks to oddshocks not only for the original 0.1 version of charsheet, but for continued assistance in massaging the site into something cool.

Notable Features

  • Character classes! You are now given a class based on your favorite language (by klocs [1]), and your top two stats on the page.
  • Fixing Github integration. This was technically fixed in August, but it was not finalized or pushed upstream until a few weeks ago. - Github backend switched from pygithub3 back to pygithub
  • Completely removed tw2 from the site [2]
  • Charsheet will now deploy on Openshift! - But not with a MySQL database. This is a known bug with knowledge.
  • Gnu-cat Will no longer stick around when the back button is pressed - Yes, it is actually called GNU-cat.
  • Fixed some incompatibilities with Pyramid 1.5

There's more, but that is the big stuff I'm seeing from the git log. In any case, the site is live, so just hop over to and put in your Github, Ohloh, and/or Coderwall username(s) and see what your coder character sheet looks like!

[1]Kilo-Lines Of Code, or a unit of 1000 lines of code for the uninitiated.
[2]This bears some explanation, but it was just tw2.forms, and the forms were static, meaning they were quite underutilized. Forms are now pure HTML forms.

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