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  1. Imagine RIT 2011

    So I've been absent for a while lately, but with good reason. I've been preparing for Imagine RIT, which was held earlier today. After pulling possibly my longest day's hack yesterday (1pm to 4am, approximately), I woke up at 9 and headed over to the Innovation Center to talk to …

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  2. pyDex on Sugar

    A warning, this gets very technical with lots of acronyms and jargon. tl;dr: I have a new pyDex branch which *should* run on the OLPC A few days ago, I decided I'd finally see how well pyDex runs on the OLPC. Turns out, it runs pretty well, which isn't …

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  3. Lemonade Week... 8?

    So... lots of stuff has happened in the last few weeks.

    First, we have a new background, thanks to JT. In fact, we have three now, and as of five minutes ago, a different one will show up depending on the current weather.

    There's also been a lot of behind-the-scenes …

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  4. Lemons Taking Off

    It looks like Lemonade Stand is taking off for fall quarter's HFOSS class. This is quite exciting and there's a number of things I'm looking to get in for a 2.2 release

    • More events
    • Fluctuating prices
    • Loyalty and advertising

    among others.

    The 2.1 release, meanwhile, I would like …

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