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  1. Imagine RIT 2011

    So I've been absent for a while lately, but with good reason. I've been preparing for Imagine RIT, which was held earlier today. After pulling possibly my longest day's hack yesterday (1pm to 4am, approximately), I woke up at 9 and headed over to the Innovation Center to talk to …

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  2. Election Aftermath

    So the election was almost a week ago. Here's how our little experiment turned out.


    The evening started out rather slowly, with information trickling in about races that were all but confirmed. We had the Innovation Center's display set up with various maps and information, and my page in the …

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  3. Election Night

    So election night is tonight. I'll have free time soon.

    The main reason for my lack of time lately has to do with the election. On Wednesday, just before I was going to classes, I got a call from Remy asking what my schedule was and if I'd like to …

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  4. Another Blog

    Just as I get used to this one, another of my classes requires me to keep a blog, and to keep it separate from any other blogs we may keep. The new blog is linked at left, but anything interesting will get cross-posted here and it's likely going to go …

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