Remysmoke Improving

Remysmoke has had a few updates over the past week, and I think they've gone pretty well. Remysmoke is now at version 1.2, here's the changelog for the past few versions:

Remysmoke 1.0

  • Moved graphs from tw2-protoviz to pygal.
  • Moved smoke input form from tw2-forms to hand-crafted HTML5 forms.
  • Completely removed Toscawidgets and ToscaWidgets2 from Remysmoke (including some very old boilerplate TurboGears code).

Remysmoke 1.1

  • Updated codebase to TurboGears 2.3.
  • Redeployed Remysmoke on OpenShift Python 2.7 Cartridge (was Python 2.6).

Remysmoke 1.2

  • Cleaned up login and smoke forms to be more consistent.
  • Themed form checkboxes to be consistent with the rest of the UI.
  • Added new theming for disabled input boxes.
  • Added new 'unsmoke' option, allowing a user to attest that they have not smoked that day.

Remysmoke 1.2 went live late last night, and a hotfix 1.2.1 will be up shortly with an OpenShift-specific patch dealing with overriding the database location at runtime.