Special Election Time

Rochester is having a special election tomorrow to choose a new Mayor, as the previous Mayor, Robert Duffy, is now the Lieutenant Governor of New York. I've been following the race with some interest despite not being registered to vote in this area, especially since I know one of the candidates.

But more exciting than the actual business of an politics is the election itself, which gives a great opportunity to introduce Election Scraper 2.0.

You may remember the old version. It was largely untested, had a few design issues, and wasn't very pretty to look at. Through the election night, I tweaked and honed it, until finally, mere minutes before the close of the last poll, it gave a very close approximation to an accurate number.

We probably won't have that many problems this time around. But who knows? I'm looking forward to an exciting night in any case, and I'll be ready to fix any problems as they come.

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