National Day of Civic Hacking

One of the projects I worked on during the Rochester edition of the National Day of Civic Hacking hackathon was not actually anything intended for the hackathon, but a short project I wrote last summer.

If you remember from my last post on the subject, I had made three files, one for each of the years that the FOSSBox had been keeping track of its activities on the timeline. The files were very silly- all the data was loaded on the fly from a JSON file, so the only thing in the files was the structure and the 'decoration' text.

Clearly this was not something that could stand. Today I finally managet to get all the files together into one page. Now, when the page loads, it scans the JSON file for all years mentioned, and populates a drop-down list with all the years it has found. the first (and usually latest) year's data is then loaded onto the page.

When the user clicks on another year from the list, the content is reloaded with data from the apropriate year. If you want to see it in action, the new review page for timeline now lives here.

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