The Last Week

This week has been a mess for a lot of reasons. Let's see what I managed to get through so far.

One of the things I got to look at this week is threebean's mokshactl branch of CIVX and Moksha. This is a project to simplify the administration of a Moksha installation. The project grew out of an attempt to easily package Moksha and grew into a much larger system capable of managing most aspects of CIVX at once, and in a very pretty package, too. It has a few problems, but for the most part, it performs quite well, and best of all, it will even integrate itself with Moksha, controlling the necessary aspects of Moksha as well.

In less exciting news, I poked around in the people dashboard while I had some time and got Assembly members working again. It didn't take much as I had expected, but served to keep me on task while Remy was in one of the never ending series of meetings he's had this week. On a lighter side of things, I put some fabulous in the CIVX shell today as I was working in it. The mokshactl branch is already fabuloused, and once you see that, there's no coming back. fabulous makes things very pretty with only a little work.

Other than that not a lot has gone down. Some work has gone into the polyscraper, but that's nothing worth mentioning at this point. Between that and some internal matters and hours of meetings and my car developing a leak in it's brake line, that's all that went down this week. Tomorrow I get to drive home and hopefully fix my car properly.

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