Summer of CIVX

So I'm back at RIT for the summer working on CIVX again. There's been a lot of development on Moksha, the software stack CIVX runs on, and not all of it was a trivial update. Still, many of the problems I encountered were definitely my fault, not the least of which was forgetting Arch Linux has switched to Python 3.

Once I was up, I looked into fixing the people dashboard we worked on last summer. In the meantime, the NYS Senate updated their API for getting open government data, so I had to figure out the new scheme and try to make it work. Complicating this is that they still don't have easy access to grabbing all the current senators, and the page we look at to get this information changed enough to stop the script from completing.

I'm actually surprised how quickly I was able to work this out, though of course this is not even remotely new to me. But despite nearly a year of inactivity on the project I seem to have gotten back into the swing of it pretty well.

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