Introducing: GeoPirate!

So I've received my apparently mandated CIVX nickname, despite it possibly being inaccurate in a week or two. I, along with Pixel Ninja and Python Princess, have been hacking away at our various tasks together for over a week now, and despite the seemingly constant moving from place to place, it's a pretty sweet gig.

My work yesterday was some final polishing of the getall script, and my first real push to the geowebdns repository. I'm also working on a supplemental, informational guide to maintenance. Unfortunately, my changes can't quite replace the old script yet, because the import script (the one that actually starts to bring the files into the database and do something with them) is hardcoded to the current files and that script is a bit harder to hack than the download script. The real work was on the documentation, trying to get people to understand my reasoning behind the changes and allow for them to continue my work without too much difficulty.

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