Here be Dragons

Today was the day we got Rebecca on to a git repo towards implementing her changes to the people dashboard. It's only a halfway step, as she isn't entirely using the proper version of the widgets but a hacked one that works locally, and needs to be morphed into something that will work in the context of the CIVX stack. Hopefully soon she will be up to speed and be able to make a more direct submission in the near future.

As it stands, this is good stuff, and the end result is definitely usable, even if it's not in the format we want it just yet. Translating one to the other has proven tiresome as well; I spent the better part of three hours just to clean up the first of our tabs. There are a few items I think might not be translatable, things that mainly live in Moksha, but we'll get to that when we get to that. Right now, I need a graphical diff viewer that cares neither for whitespace nor line breaks, just for what's in the code. Good old meld, which I had been using, has proven itself inadequate to the massive differences between these files. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a fresh start from which to sculpt this mess I've constructed into its completed form.

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