Grokking the Core

This week begins the real dive into the core of what makes CIVX. Today (and yesterday, though yesterday hardly counts as a real day) were spent adding major functionality to the polyscraper, something that's been overdue for a long time now.

But what is this magical polyscraper? Well, in short, it's magic. A lot of magic, actually, and that's half the problem. You see, in ye olden days of CIVX, each data source had to have its own scraper, and these were called whenever CIVX decided its data was old enough to get shoved out and replaced with new data. This was all well and fine, except that it took a very long time to get a scraper written for a new data source. You would have to define all the columns, give it a location to look, make sure you understood the site's particular dialect and scrubbed out any irregularities in their data. What the poly scraper does is it replaces all of those individual scrapers and replaces them with one big scraper which is smart enough to deal with any URL it finds.

What I've been doing is adding new sources of data to the polyscraper. In particular, yesterday was spent adding the ability to read files off of a local disk and properly store them. This, in turn, exposed a few holes in the underlying framework which needed to be patched. However, this is a vitally important function, as things like the SunlightNY scraper I wrote last year works outside of CIVX proper (in Java, no less) and cannot be thrown into the polyscraper as easily. But I can download the files locally, and then work on them when it is convenient. With proper message passing, I can even seamlessly tell the polyscraper to pick up the files as soon as they are downloaded.

Previously to this I had been working at the periphery of CIVX, adding functionality to widgets and individual scrapers. This is my first real push into the core functionality of CIVX, and it is good to see that I really have picked enough up in all this time to really start to understand the underlying structure of everything. Every day I learn more about what goes on inside this machine, and every day marks another set of tools I've learned to wield. I can't wait to see how far I get by the end of the summer.

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