CIVX Stuff

So I've been spending some time finally getting some time to familiarize myself with CIVX and all the parts that make up the system. I'm almost comfortable with how the whole thing works together, though I'm not entirely clear on how some things work to finally get to the screen.

Still, I got things running, both the current CIVX build and Kate's widget, though getting the two together is harder than it seems like it should be. On the other hand, I tweaked the GettingStarted page of the CIVX wiki to smooth out a few bumps I ran into during the install process. The Ubuntu instructions are still broken, but I plan going to look into that in the future.

In terms of actually getting things done, I haven't done much of substance. I've been immersing myself in CIVX, git, pep8, and all the different things that go into the FOSS BOX. While I've been in the open source community for a while now (and my very first project is almost 1.5 years old), I've never really tried to insert myself into a project that was running in full swing with established work. Somehow this seems different than the places I've worked previously... though that could simply be the distributed nature of the work. With Luke no longer down the hall somewhere, getting information has turned into a more interesting experience when the necessary parts are in his head.

I'm looking forward to an exciting next few weeks here, and a fruitful next few years with the information learned from this experience.

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