So here we are in OLPC HQ, right in the middle of MIT. It's pretty sweet having Luke around again to hack CIVX with us.

I've had a lot to do in the past few days. Remy's been showing me scrapers and models, and I've been helping transition Kate's people dashboard into an integrated component or integrating Rebecca's theme changes on the side. It's been hectic and fun and tough, but I finally feel like I'm contributing to a project, something with substance and goals, not just writing code to accomplish a task like some of my previous co-ops. Being in a team this large helps, especially when we pull in outside help like Luke, but I think it's mainly Remy's infectious excitement for the project. When he gets down to work, one can't help but feel his vision and be excited for the possibilities.

Unfortunately, that means I had precious little time to pay attention to the other teams. Three separate groups hacking away at their own projects, tossing ideas about and getting input from a few members upstream, not to mention the whole OLPC offices around the corner- this was a right proper hackathon, and something that makes me excited for the future of these projects.

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