Almost There...

Today I worked my way through more of Rebecca's changes to the people dashboard. It was actually in better condition than I had thought last night. The first tab was the only one with the majority of the changes, and most of the changes were easily applied once I understood them- which is what I spent hours yesterday trying to do.

I have a problem with writing quantities of HTML because they end up as giant messes. Even XHTML strict isn't enough for me, though it does come closer. Invariably, any file of reasonable complexity is going to have whitespace inconsistencies, mislaid elements, or even entire sections forgotten. This morning I took a fresh look at the generated HTML and dashboard.mak and tried simply to understand their structure. After really getting into the template version, I began to see what was really necessary and not from Rebecca's blinged up copy. There are still a few bits missing from the final version, but I think I can get them nailed down before I leave today.

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