1. pyDex on Sugar

    A warning, this gets very technical with lots of acronyms and jargon. tl;dr: I have a new pyDex branch which *should* run on the OLPC A few days ago, I decided I'd finally see how well pyDex runs on the OLPC. Turns out, it runs pretty well, which isn't …

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  2. Huzzah!

    Here we are, back at the beginning of another school year. It's going to be interesting, I'm still pretty laid back from Fan Expo Canada in Toronto.

    My new monitor finally arrived. Well, it arrived Saturday, but the RIT post office isn't open on weekends over breaks, so I had …

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  3. Writing and Me

    I am not a writer. Had things progressed differently, I might have tried it. I do enjoy the writing process. One important problem is that I hate revision. I start from a theoretical perfect model, and slowly write it out, far slower than my brain, which can race ahead to …

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  4. pyDex Progress

    I've finally gotten around to staging and committing a few enhancements to the pydex repository. The more advanced stuff like Isshu pokemon and the new file format are still in limbo, naturally, and won't get moved to master any time soon since they make older files incompatible, though I hope …

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