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  1. ditaa Addition

    Recently, while wandering around the Internet, I found a neat little project called ditaa. The basic idea is it takes a textual representation of a diagram, and turns it into a real image. My first thought was that this looked real neat for use in this blog.

    I write this …

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  2. Blog Rebuild

    As you may notice, my blog looks a lot different now. On the recommendation of a few FOSSBoxers, I have moved to Pelican, a Python-based static site generator. The practical upshot of which is that I can now write posts in reStructuredText, keep the posts themselves in git, and host …

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  3. Another Blog

    Just as I get used to this one, another of my classes requires me to keep a blog, and to keep it separate from any other blogs we may keep. The new blog is linked at left, but anything interesting will get cross-posted here and it's likely going to go …

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